About US

We are a courier Messenger company serving the lower mainland. With a desire to give our customers top notch service and piece of mind above all. Our drivers and employees have been provided the best training to produce top in class service for our clients.

We take care of every package picked up and dropped off to its delivery location. Whether our client is a large corporation or an individual, we give every package the utmost attention and care. every package is very important to us. Our number one priority is to make sure every package is delivered in a timely manner to its destination safe and sound service with a smile and satisfaction for our clients above all.

We have a great working knowledge of the lower mainland. With this knowledge we can map out the best routes to deliver packages promptly for our clients. We have the ambition drive and desire to become your number one choice for all your package delivery needs. We will arrive to pick up your packages and be gone in sixty seconds.



Always being honest on wether deadlines can be met. To be honest with clients and each other honesty is a key driving force behind any business.


Our commitment to our clients and ourselves to set high standards to provide services with excellence our companies determination to never lower those standards.


To build a bond between the company and clients of character, reliability, strength, and confidence. Our character, our reliability, our strength, and the clients confidence in us to get the job done.


To all of our clients needs on an individual basis.